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Multifunctional Additive AMP 95

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AMP 95 is a multifunctional additive for all types of latex emulsion paints. Used as a powerful co-dispersant to prevent re-agglomeration of pigments and contribute significant benefits to overall performance of the coating. Aids in dispersion and improvement in color tone. Used for neutralizing, synergy to dispersing agent (reduce up to 25%), reduce wetting agent up to 25%, and reduce glycol up to 10%. *All prices are stated in terms of packaging at the options below.


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AMP-95 is widely recognized as a multifunctional additive for all types of latex emulsion paints. In a formulation, AMP-95 can be used as a powerful co-dispersant to prevent re-agglomeration of pigments. At the same time, AMP-95 will contribute significant benefits to the overall performance of the coating.

The benefits and performance improvements made possible by AMP-95 in different stages of paint manufacture are:

AMP-95 in the grind

  • Reduces dispersant demand when used in conjunction with conventional dispersants 
  • Optimizes pigment dispersion
  • Reduces foam (through dispersant reduction)
  • Provides effective pH control
  • Lowers raw material costs

AMP-95 in the Letdown

  • Improves thickener performance
  • Eliminates need for ammonia, resulting in a lower odor paint
  • Improves color acceptance of shading pastes

AMP-95 and Coating Performance

  • Improves scrub, water and block resistance through formula optimization
  • Reduces in-can corrosion
  • Effective in low odor systems

When formulating a latex paint, it is important to consider all the effects of dispersants and surfactants on the paints on its final performance. As the information in this technical data sheet shows, AMP-95 can be used to reduce the levels of many commonly used paint additives, thereby lowering raw material costs while improving paint performance.



  • Improves overall paint performance
  • Powerful co-dispersant
  • Exempt from regulation as a VOC by U.S. EPA and Environment Canada
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