Brighter and Clearer Skin Just for You

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Brighter and Clearer Skin Just for You
Brighter and Clearer Skin Just for You

Whitening and More

Ask around and you'll find that the trend for skin in the Philippines is still in the whitening. But why are some whitening products doing better than others? What makes a more efficient whitening product?

The secret lies in understanding consumer's behaviour. With the growing trend of K-Beauty (aka Korean Beauty) due to increase exposure to K-pop or Kdramas, consumers not only want a whiter skin but one that is brighter and clearer!

In a tropical country like the Philippines, how can we achieve such ideal skin? We have so many products in the market that claims to whiten. Common whitening products are Kojic Acid, Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, and Arbutin. How effective are these products? What additional formulations or ingredients should you use?

Introducing a new innovation in the market - Melazero: A natural, proven, effective, and patented whitening active.


Melazero for Whiter and Clearer Skin

Melazero is a Phyto Whitening agent from a novel mechanism that is uniquely patented. As a third-generation whitener, it differs greatly when compared to other whitening actives already in the market. 

Besides having its own clinical efficacy to prove its effectiveness in terms of whitening, Melazero is a natural whitening active as well! This removes the need for harmful chemicals that tend to cause skin irritation.

Watch this video to find out more!


An Innovative Whitening Agent

Melazero is a complete solution that erases and inhibits the formation of melanin without a cytotoxicity and skin irritation.

As compared to other whitening actives, Melazero only requires a low dosage to achieve the same effect! Once again proving its efficacy plus cost-saving benefit.


How Can We Help?


Want to know more of Melazero? Its studies and efficacy when compared with other whitening actives? Contact us now for more information!

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