Dish Wash


Dish Wash


How to formulate a dish wash.

Formulation code: I/DW/05/19/MY/1

Soft and gentle formulation with mild and biodegradable surfactant
Total active matter of surfactant is around 15%

Phase Material Function Inci Name Supplier % W/W 
A Tetrasodium EDTA Chelating Agent Tetrasodium EDTA - 0.1
Aquademin Solvent - - Add to 100
B Texapon N70 Main Surfactant Sodium Laureth Sulfate BASF 10
WQ 818CG Secondary Surfactant Coco Glucoside Jiangsu Wanqi 10
CAPB KA30 Co-Surfactant Cocamidpropyl betaine Vance 5
CDE C82 Viscosity builder   Vance 5
C Troycare BD55 Preservative DMDM Hidantoin TROY 0.2
D Citric acid (50%) solution / NaOH (20%) pH Adjuster Citric acid, water
NaOH, weater
- qs
TOTAL         100



1. Pre-disperse phase A at room temperature
2. Add phase B, continue mixing
3. Add preservatives and mix
4. Adjust pH in range 7 - 8 if necessary



Appearance :  Viscous Liquid
Color : Clear 
Odor : Odorless
pH : 7 - 8

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