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Black Gloss REGAL 330R

A low structure specialty black pigment designed to impart high gloss and very good color strength in lithographic gloss inks.


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Application Information

Lithographic Inks

REGAL 330R pigment black is a high gloss, high strength black for heat set and sheet fed lithographic ink applications. Its higher vehicle demand than many of the other gloss ink blacks tends to limit its application in highly loaded bases.

Liquid Inks

REGAL 330R pigment black is very applicable in liquid inks requiring low viscosity, high gloss and good jetness. Its gloss and strength are a good combination for the high end publication applications as well as for packaging inks on non-porous substrates.

Other Applications

REGAL 330R pigment black is used as a pigment in various applications such as general dispersions, black paper, and dual component electrostatic toners. The dispersibility of REGAL 330R pigment black depends on the equipment used and the formulation. It is moderately hard to disperse compared to other powdered Gloss Ink Blacks as well as blacks used in liquid inks. However, with the proper equipment and formulation, an excellent quality ink can be produced with REGAL 330R pigment black.


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